Chris Brown, Karrueche & Rihanna's love triangle

Reports hit the web yesterday that despite their breakup, Karrueche and Chris Brown were very much together on Monday. Photos also surfaced, though they never showed the pair together, but they did show the same person that was with Chris in one shot giving Kae money at the gas station in another. Now, a fan-snapped picture of Kae and Chris together in what appears to be in a studio or a gym has made its way to the web and they’re both wearing the outfits from the previous pictures, so this is likely from Monday as well. I wonder how Rihanna is feeling during all of this! Also possibly adding salt to Rih’s wounds, Kae posted a picture up on Twitter last night of her in costume about to carve pumpkins with a friend, and the person in the background looks like it could definitely be Chris! It’s hard to tell, and I think she knew exactly what she was doing when she posted that! Meanwhile, we reported earlier that she doesn’t care about Rihanna and will stop at nothing to keep Chris in her life. Let’s see what happens! Photos in the gallery.

Marisa Mendez