10 years after his tragic death, Jam Master Jay’s legacy will be honored at the 10-year anniversary of Scratch DJ Academy. Scratch DJ Academy is a New York institution that offers courses in DJing and music production. Jam Master Jay helped launch Scratch DJ Academy back in ’02 with Rob Principe for a NYC location, the school has since opened up locations in Miami and LA. JMJ passed away before the school opened, but Principe continued with their dream of opening a place where DJs could prefect their craft. Read more below.

Julie A.

Rob Principe, who brought JMJ’s son, who was 10-years-old at the time, onto the project in his father’s honor said:

“Jay was a partner and a friend, so it had a tremendous effect on me personally and professionally,” Principe recently explained to The Huffington Post. “Professionally, I felt even more challenged to work harder, longer and better, because now I felt like I had his legacy to uphold and maintain to make him proud.”

“Could I have folded up shop?” he said. “Sure, I could’ve, but was that what Jay would’ve wanted to have happen? No. I had to think about his legacy, his family, the opportunity and the only option for me was to just press on.”