This Cee Lo sexual assault case is getting so messy! Well, no accused rape case is ever clean but still, it’s a lot of he-said, she-said right now! As we reported, the singer is being investigated over a woman’s claims he drugged and raped her at a sushi bar back in July. Now a new part of the report has come out and apparently, Cee is on TAPE admitting that he drugged her and apologizing for it. Allegedly, LAPD had the woman make a “pretext call” (when you call someone like nothing’s wrong and try to get them to speak on the crime they did) and it was recorded. According to “sources,” Cee Lo was recorded “repeatedly apologizing and referencing MDMA (Ecstasy).” But his camp calls BS, saying if such a tape existed…he’d have BEEN arrested by now. More details below. Whose side are you leaning toward at this point?

Marisa Mendez

Via TMZ:

LAPD detectives will refer the matter to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office when the investigation is completed. Sources connected to Cee Lo tell us … the accuser went to a civil lawyer BEFORE going to police and demanded money from the singer to make the whole thing go away. Other sources tell us a different story — that her lawyer called Cee Lo’s manager to find out if the singer had any communicable diseases and never made any money demands.

Our Cee Lo sources say the manager shut the lawyer down and that’s when she went to cops. Other sources say she called the cops BEFORE her lawyer called Cee Lo’s manager.