Only 2 days until the fait of the free world is decided with the way it shall run for the next 4 years…What will happen, #TeamObama, Or #TeamRomney??? Hit the Jump, Take our IFWT Political Poll !!!!


Will the incumbent President, whom stopped a major Recession/Depression from descending on the country, Whom brought back the American auto industry(which was in a bad place before the economy collapsed), Whom went after, captured and killed Bin Laden, whom is the 1st President to bring Healthcare to All the people!!
Or Do you want The challenger, the ex-Governer of Mass., The Man that created the blue print for Obamacare with Romneycare, The Big Business man who made millions, from gutting companies making them more valuable(at least for a minute). Ok I don’t really know what Romney stands for(Do you???), So if you are with him, you’ll know why you’re voting for him, won’t you?? Either way, let us know Whom you are voting for:

Who Will You Vote For???
Barack Obama
Mitt Romney

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