Today Amazon took a big jump and switched their Prime service from a yearly subscription to month to month. Prior to the change Amazon only had 1 option for prime service.  The new look prime service will also take on the likes of Hulu and Netflix.  Not with as many movies but I’m sure as time goes alone Amazon will improve their library.

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Amazon Prime gives you free two-day shipping on many items in Amazon’s store and gives you access to thousands of streaming movies and TV shows through its Instant Video product. Amazon Instant Video is available on several devices like Xbox, iPad, and Roku.

The new $7.99 per month price plan is the same price Netflix and Hulu charge for their streaming services. But unlike Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime gives you quick access to shopping without having to worry about tax or shipping costs. On the other hand, Hulu and Netflix offer a lot more streaming content than Amazon.