Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been making headlines everywhere this week over their latest breakup, though the pair are no strangers to splitting briefly and then getting back together. Even Justin has said that he feels like they’ll be back together since they always break up to make up. Now Radar Online is reporting one of their many splits came back in March, and it was over quite a ridiculous reason. It seems to me like our girl Selena has some trust issues! Word to Drizzy. Find out what it was below!

Marisa Mendez

Remember Justin’s episode of Punk’d with Miley Cyrus? Well, Selenita wasn’t feeling that at ALL! Radar reports that she actually broke up with him over it, because she’s “repulsed” by her fellow former Disney star.

“Justin did the show anyways, which didn’t sit very well with Selena,” the source said. “He’s been continually choosing work over Selena and she’s finally had enough.”

Choosing work over her and she’s had enough? They’re TEENS! That’s what’s supposed to happen! And it should continue to happen like that for a while! It’s bad enough she just broke up with him again because she saw him posing with a Victoria’s Secret model. I think maybe she needs to be single for a while and just focus on her jealousy and trust issues! Don’t you?