Deion Sanders, who has never been known for being quiet has caused a stir with his recent comments about a reporter in the Dallas, Texas area. The reporter who Sanders accuses of being racist and only wanting to portray negative things about the Prep school Sanders founded, is actually a well regarded journalist who has covered high school sports in the Dallas area for years. The reporter has said in the past the prep school does illegal recruiting to bring in top players to the school. Read more after the jump.

“First of all, this all started mainly by a Caucasian reporter from a news station, Channel 8, you know who I’m talking about, and he seems like he’s the African-American killer,” Sanders told Dallas radio station KRLD. “It’s always something against a brother. And that bothers me. I’ve never been accused of cheating with anything, in any sports, in any arena, in my life. Now to be accused of something as stupid and as simplistic as this and all I have is 30 kids out there. And the sad thing about it, Channel 8 and Dallas Morning News, they’re partners.”

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