Leon M. Goldstein High School in Brooklyn has been the host of some pretty serious scandals lately. First an administrator was caught having an affair with a student, now another school employee is looking for work after a security guard admitted that he had sex with a student at his near by apartment. Hit the jump for more.

Move over, Horndog High. Another Brooklyn school is becoming a hotspot for illicit love affairs.
Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences grabbed headlines last month for a scandalous relationship between an administrator and a female student.
Now, a school security guard has been fired for having sex with a student.
William Pagan, 35, a guard at Kingsborough Community College, which shares its campus with Goldstein High, told investigators he had sex with a Goldstein student at his apartment near the school in May. He was fired the same month.
School officials learned of Pagan’s pervy ways after the student’s mother called Goldstein in May and said her daughter had “run away” to Pagan’s house, where she had sex with him.
The student, who is not a minor, told investigators her relationship with Pagan began in January when he approached her at school and said she was “pretty” and “complimented her clothes.”
In March, the mother intercepted a Facebook message from Pagan stating, “hey babe im home.” Using her daughter’s account, the mom responded, “if i find ur dealing with my daughter there will be big issues.”
But the warning went unheeded. Two months later, the student ran away to stay at his apartment, where she had sex with him twice, Pagan told investigators.

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