Rihanna’s 777 Tour started out as one of the most innovative ideas from an artist in a long time…travel the world for 7 days and bring 200 fans and journalists on a private plane with you to give them an intimate, inside look. Yea, it sounds great, but what it turned out to be…not so much. Rihanna only interacted with her passengers on the very first day, pouring champagne and getting the plane amped up, but has been the subject of her song “Where Have You Been” ever since then. Naturally, this leaves for some very unhappy campers, and they actually ended up so nuts over it two nights ago, they staged an impromptu “revolt” of sorts that included chanting for Rihanna to come back to their section on the plane. “Save our jobs!”,”Just one quote!” were just some of the many lines yelled from coach. A radio jock from Australia even streaked down all the aisles of the plane but still, no Rih. The reports from writers on board (on sites like Billboard, Rolling Stone, Global Grind, Spin) as well as the tweets are nowhere near positive, and word had to have gotten back to Rihanna. But instead of taking it out on her “prisoners” (their words, not mine!), she apparently decided to stick it to her band. During her performance (numero seis) in London last night, she stopped the whole show to spazz on her band for their “bullsh*t” because the back track to “Where Have You Been” was off. After watching the video, I’m 100% positive I would NOT want to be on Rihanna’s bad side EVER. Sheesh! Watch it go down below. The 777ers arrive in NYC momentarily, and tonight will be the last stop of the tour. I’m sure they couldn’t be happier.

Marisa Mendez