It’s hard enough to wait on people and make minimum wage, but this poor Applebee’s waitress really got it bad. Waiters and waitresses usually make the bulk of their money through tips, and unfortunately one person couldn’t respect that. The “tip” she left was WAY more rude and offensive – so bad that I wouldn’t even want any type of tip at all. Find out what happened to a waitress in Edison, New Jersey (Why’d it have to be Jersey?! SMH!) after the jump!

Biz Baby

The ‘tip’ that this customer left the waitress was horrible. Instead of placing a money amount – they tipped an actual “tip”. Look in the gallery and see what the customer had to say.

The mean receipt was posted on Reddit on the other day by yipskip. It was captioned, “My (overweight) friend got this as a tip”. The name the waitress goes by is ‘Arielle B.’

The copy of the receipt has received over 2,000 comments on reedit. A lot of people felt her pain, considering they know what it’s like to be called fat.

Check out the receipt above in the gallery.