If you have already headed out or are on the way to go do some shopping read up on some tips to make your shopping experience go a little smoothly.  You don’t want your day turning out like this.   Hit the jump for some helpful advice.

Steph B

5 Easy Tips:

1. Really think about if you really need the item, or are you just going to buy it because you feel you need to buy something on Black Friday, like a lot of people do.
2. Be aware of what the actual cost of an item is before heading out to make long line. What if it was only a few bucks cheaper and you stood in like for 2 hours?
3.Try online shopping
4.Make a plan and stick to it! If you plan to leave at a certain time , do so . If you plan on going to Walmart first, do so. Don’t waste more time and energy making double trips to places.
5. Divide and conquer! Don’t go shopping by yourself , take someone with you to help you scope out the shopping scene, help you carry things, and keep you entertained if you’re waiting!