I know Raymond Felton circled this game on his calender when he came back to NY. He wants to make sure New York fans are happy Jeremy Lin is gone, and that Felton is running the show. Felton was definitely salty at the Knicks 2 years ago when they traded him to bring Carmelo to NY, even though he had just signed a new contract with them. But so far Felton seems to be thriving in NY in his second run with the team, and he definitely wants it to be known Jeremy Lin is not on his level. Click below after the jump for the full story.

“I’ve been in this league eight years,” Felton said. “He’s been in this league half of a year, coming into a year now. I definitely can’t see how nobody can compare me and him together. I’ve been in this league way longer, got much more of a body of work.”