The Playbook is a players bible. With them from the very start of pre-season, players are to learn their playbooks in and out. Going over pain points post-game only helps players fine tune their skill. Well it’s about to get razor sharp. NFL is in the process of swapping out the traditional 500-page playbooks for iPads. Jump for details…

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Tat Wza

In the last year alone, NFL teams using the iPad have quadrupled from three to 12, representing more than one-third of all teams. Those who make the switch are discovering that the technology goes far beyond the old playbook capabilities.

PlayerLync is at the forefront of the movement, and is currently being used by five NFL teams: the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals and San Diego Chargers.

PlayerLync will need to be closely watched for the future of sports Tech(seems to be theirs), and since they have 5 of the 12 teams using this technology, the teams Like their Tech, So I would bet in the next couple of years….Most likely all of the NFL team will be using said Tech, and Playerlync will prob have the majority…..Now I wonder if they will adapt to Android, or will they adapt a Fan based app for fantasy football??? 0_0