President Obama, Sasha, and Malia headed to small book store in Virginia for not only some Christmas shopping but to also support Small Business Saturday, which was yesterday. While shopping with his beautiful daughters, President Obama spoke to the bookstore owner while looking up a book title on his Blackberry. (Nobody can get the most powerful man in the country an Android or iPhone, poor guy’s still rocking with a Blackberry?!) He also refused to answer any questions about the fiscal cliff. Read more below.

Julie A.

Sasha, Malia, and their dad stopped in One More Page Book Store in VA to pick up about 15 books for family members. When reporters asked the President about the cliff and/or any other questions, he simply replied “we’re doing Christmas shopping.” When he looked up the book title, he told people that “preparation” was the key to shopping. Small Business Saturday was created to help mom and pop stores after Thanksgiving and the Black Friday rush.