NBA: Tim Duncan Turned Down Personal Invitation From President Obama To Join Him At Rio Olympics


Most people in this country would jump at the chance to hang out with President Obama, especially if hanging out involves traveling together to Rio to watch some of the Olympic events. Tim Duncan is not one of those people though as he declined a personal invite from the POTUS but if you know him, it shouldn’t even be that surprising.

(Photo) President Obama Shares His Playlist


Aye! President Obama has a super dope ear for music. He has recently revealed his playlist to us and I must say theres a lot of heat on there.

(Video) Barack Obama Hypes Himself Up Before His DNC Speech By Listening To Eminem


There is no doubt that president Barack Obama is the dopest president in United States history. Before his big speech at the DNC he hyped himself up by listening to Eminem’s “Loose Yourself.”

NFL: Demaryius Thomas’ Granny’s Jail Sentence Cut Short By President Obama


In 2000, when Demaryius was just 13 years old, his grandmother, Minnie Pearl Thomas, was sentenced to LIFE in prison for running a cocaine ring. Yikes. According to the big man though (that would be Obama), lots of drug-related sentences are unfair. So he gave Grandma Thomas a break. Keep reading…

(Video) President Obama Calls Donald Trump “Unfit” For Presidency/Trump Responds With Letter


As we get closer and closer to a new President in the White House, things are getting increasingly nasty and will continue to. The Democrats are trying everything in their power to stop Donald Trump from becoming the 45th POTUS and I really didn’t expect to hear and see this, but President Obama actually said Trump is unfit to be president. Trump responded with a letter posted on Facebook, aimed at Obama/Clinton.

(Video) President Obama Speaks On Baton Rouge Police Shooting


President Barack Obama addressed the nation on Sunday after the shooting that took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that left three officers dead and three others wounded. The incident took place Sunday in Baton Rouge, La., a city that has experienced increased tension since police fatally shot Alton Sterling earlier this month.

(Video) President Obama Reflects On Facing Racism As A Child


During the live coverage of The President And The People, one segment particularly stuck out to folks, an interesting story of 10 year old Barack Obama facing racism in Hawaii. He speaks on one specific incident of a woman choosing to not ride the elevator with him and what he started to realize after…if she’s still alive, I wonder what that woman is thinking now…

Cornel West Says Obama’s Response To Police Shootings Was “Weak”

Shots fired, Mr. President. Let’s just say Cornel West is not the biggest fan of President Obama right now. Hit the jump to find out what he said.

(Photos) NBA: Jabari Parker To Former Congressman Joe Walsh “You Ain’t Laying A Single Finger On Barack Obama”


Last night after the brutal ambush of multiple Dallas police officers, former congressman, Joe Walsh, thought it was a good time to basically threaten Barack Obama and blame him and black lives matter for the chaos happening in Dallas. It didn’t take long for him to realize he just messed up.

(Photo) President Obama Releases A Statement On The Killing Of Alton Sterling And Philando Castile


President Obama has now released a statement on the recent killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile He encourages us all to say strong and says he trusts that the people involved in investigating these cases will do what is right.

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