Looks like Apples not the only one under the gun for issues with their manufacturer. A month or so ago Apples primary manufacturer, Foxconn, was dealing with physical altercations and riots on premises for over a month. With the time consuming process of putting these phones together crossed with the demand for the need ASAP causes issues on the back end. Hit the jump for an explanation.

Tat Wza

Five of Samsung’s supply factories were audited for labor compliance. A watchdog company conducted an investigation in both October & November which delivered failing results. This was to be the follow up from their September 4th visit explaining what needed to be changed immediately. Samsung has limited hiring to females 16 to 24, dispatch employees and forces them to stand when not necessary. This is their way of sifting through to find vulnerable people to abuse without friction. There was one case referred to as the “worst case” where 220 overtime-hours were clocked in a 1 month work period. Samsung has made a promise to limit the overtime hours to the max of 36hrs. They are already working 15-16 hr days.

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