Not gonna lie, if I was a Jets fan (thank goodness I’m not  – #GIANTS) I’d be pretty upset too.  The Jets are a hot mess.  On Thanksgiving the Patriots below out the Jets 49-19.  Of course some fans are going to heckle you!  Not only did the team look horrible in the game, but you look bad for the season at 4-7.

Well Bart Scott is not happy about the heckling fans and didn’t hold back his feelings.


From Kevin Patra at

Bart Scott, who said he didn’t hear the taunts, wanted those fans to know he doesn’t care what they think or what they scream.

“At the end of the day, if you made it to be able to put an NFL uniform on, then you are one of the best athletes in the world,” Scott told the New York Daily News. “The person yelling at you probably was picked last in dodgeball all through high school. So do you care about the opinion of them? No.”


As for what those unruly fans were yelling, here is a compilation taken from the YouTube video:

“You are pathetic. Every one of you.”
“You suck!”
“You guys are a disgrace!”
“You are bums!”
“You’re terrible!”
“Tebow, I want you in the second half!”
“You should be ashamed of yourselves!”
“Tebow, save us!”
“Sanchez! You suck!”
“Might as well take off the second half too!”
“Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!”