Facebook is constantly making changes to better your experience. From their over-all social networking experience to their Facebook-chat messaging, they touch millions of people a day. Although a form of communication, not necessarily an alternative to other messaging apps; Failed messages, and a low feature-set aren’t too appealing. WhatsApp is here to change all that !! Hit the jump to see how much of an impact WhatsApp truly has…

Tat Wza

Wether we realize it or not, we are in the middle of a major transition from traditional SMS text to Web-based messaging. [iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat etc.] Giving you extra features like Read, Delivered notifications and letting you know when someone is typing or active in a conversation, web-based messaging makes SMS look ancient. WhatsApp has done a great job statistically exposing how big the change truly is. Several european carriers are discussing ways to combat the erosion of SMS volume; maybe the explanation why american carriers [AT&T, Verizon] have added messaging as a mandatory feature to their voice plans.

A few details as to why Facebook is looking to acquire WhatsApp. This acquisition could make Facebook Chat the most used messaging service world-wide. Just to put it into perspective, Apple’s iMessage hit the roughly 300 billion message milestone after about a year, where as WhatsApp manages that amount of messages monthly. Although a 99-cent price tag, WhatsApp has a very comfortable Top-5 messaging app spot.