50 Cent made his boxing debut last night as his fighter Yuriorkis Gamboa scored a win over Michael Farenas.  The fight was the undercard for the fourth installment of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez rivalry.  Though the fight turned out to be incredible and more than anyone bargained for, many people were still looking forward to Pacquiao taking on championship boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.  50 Cent took to his twitter account to take a jab at Mayweather for not fighting Pacman.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

50 posted the following tweet:

He also spoke with Boxing Scene about his relationship with Mayweather.

“Well the relaionship is simple.  I’ve said it in the past, Floyd is like my brother.  So if he makes a decision to not participate with the promotional company its cool.  It’s a disappointment to me only because he has no income away from boxing” 50 Cent told the Boxing Lab.

“And when he consistently will remind you that he’s 36 years old and [has] 2-3 more fights left in [him], he has to get out of the regimen of successful fighters.  Successful fighters, fight, get the money, spend the money, then fight.  Fight get the money, spend the money then fight.  That’s the actual regimen and Floyd particularly has no income away from the actual sport itself.   So when you start seeing yourself come so close to the end of that actual regimen, I think that you really need to be interested in things away from the actual sport itself to continue to provide income for you to continue the lifestyle that your’re accustomed to”.

50 Cent is a known businessman who’s gone into many different ventures such as acting, headphone production, clothing, sneakers and the latest boxing promotions.  He’s seems disppointed that his close friend Mayweather decided not to join him on his latest endeavor.  He does however maintain that he and Mayweather are friends.

“Absolutely he’s my friend.  Because he decided not to actually invest in the company it’s a disappointment.  It was abrupt; his decision was.  At one point he was saying all of the fighters were signed to Mayweather Promotions and that was because we had communications and conversations where he wanted to buy out the actual fighters.  He wanted to buy the contracts and everything and just put them under his umbrella.  And I was fine with that concept and idea too at that point but he never actually came up with the finances.’ says 50 Cent.

The relationship between the two seems strained.  Although 50 maintains that they’re still friends, the constant jabs and shots thrown indicate otherwise.  It initially appeared to be another marketing tactic by 50 who’s known to use beef in his favor but after hearing his explanation about their riff I can see how he would feel disappointed.