There might be a problem in social media universe. If your notice that your Instagram pics are’nt showing up in your Twitter feed its not just you. Techcrunch reported over the weekend there might be glitch or maybe Twitter banished Instagram. Your followers will be able to click on the link and see your photo on your page but not from the feed. Neither Twitter or Instagram has made any statements about the problem but I’m assuming if the problem gets bigger people are going to want answers, as social media is no longer fun and games but has become a business for some. And if its affecting people’s money there going to want answers and solutions to the situation.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Update: Twitter confirmed yesterday they will no longer preview pics on users feeds. According to Twitter Instagram “disabled photo integration with Twitter,”. Instagram responded by saying the reason for the pull, is that they want to drive traffic back to their own site, which makes sense. Instagram said they will integrate with Twitter but they just want the traffic driving back to their site. In all its a business move on Instagram’s part.