AP 9 with Coco

Over the weekend, Ice-T and Coco’s marriage was rocked by some semi-scandalous (for a married woman) photos that surfaced on the web of Coco with some unknown “rapper” named AP.9. We’d never heard of this guy before then (and apparently, neither had Ice-T), but clearly Coco had, and was pictured quite close to him on more than one occasion. Ice and Coco have since gotten over their little bump in the road, but it seems like AP is still up and at ’em, just with some other scantily-clad hotties. My question is, who is this guy and why do these girls love him?! The only thing I can assume is the obvious: “ain’t nothin’ more important than the mula!” It’s got to be that. Check out the photos from his night in Vegas last night in the gallery. Crazy!

Marisa Mendez