We know that Andrew Bynum has spent most of the 2012 NBA season so far bowling, visiting strip joints, playing games, rocking a crazy hairstyle  and almost everything else except basketball.  Yesterday, he finally opened up about how he felt about Kobe and the Dwight Howard Trade, now check out what Kobe has to say about his former teammate!


According to Marc Narducci at Philly.com:

During their time together, Bynum left a lasting impression on his former teammates, including one who isn’t easily impressed.

“He can do everything,” Kobe Bryant said after Friday’s 102-96 Lakers win over the Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center. “There really isn’t anything he can’t do.”

Then Bryant stated the obvious.  “The biggest thing for Andrew is just his health,” Bryant said. “. . . If he gets healthy, they have an incredible, incredible center.”

Apparently, one who can easily reach a boiling point.  “He is a pretty even-keeled guy, but he has a temper which I always enjoyed because he was always kind of on edge,” said Bryant, whose team is just 10-14 and snapped a four-game losing streak with the victory over the Wizards. “I just hope he gets healthy.”