Rita Ora
So by now I’m sure you’ve heard about the Rita Ora/ Rob Kardashian split, insane tweets and all. I felt bad for Rob but when I heard about this one I had to laugh. Nobody wants to hear about their girl with somebody else. Rob already seemed to be having trouble dealing with his personal insecurities but to find out your girl cheated on you with Jonah Hill, yeah buddy, I’d be pissed too. Hit the jump for more.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Nyasha Zimucha, a friend of Kardashian’s who appeared on “The A-List: New York,” said “I heard she cheated, but I don’t know.” Another source goes even further to say “Rita spent the night with Jonah during a trip to New York,” that they met at a nightclub and Rita went home with the Superbad star. Rob Kardashian’s tweet rant weeks back was almost certainly about Ora, but the Roc Nation singer claims she’s not dating Rob and they were only close for a time. After his rant I’m not sure how they could date but hopefully the public image they are trying to put on, as reconciled friendly adults isn’t just an act and they can truly be friends. Props to the guy who can tame miss Ora.

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