Ryan Lanza, who was originally though to be the shooter in last Friday’s horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, is speaking out for the first time since he’s brother’s senseless murder. Ryan and Adam lost touch after Ryan moved away to pursue a job in New York years ago. Ryan, who also lost his mother on that tragic day, wrote that people shouldn’t be calling his brother names and calling him a monster. He also goes on to write a message about his mother, who has been purposely left out of tribute to the Newtown victims. Ryan however, made little mention of the 26 others who were killed that day. I’ve been waiting for either him or his father to make a statement in regards to the shooting, but I really wasn’t expecting this. I wasn’t expecting Ryan to bash his younger brother, but I figured he would focus more attention on his mother and not Adam

Julie A.

The New York Post reports that Ryan Lanza spoke about the tragedy for the first time on his Facebook page saying, “I am a victim, I lost a mother and a brother.” He then posted a picture of his brother smiling in happier times with the caption, “RIP Adam Peter Lanza, “I will miss you bro. I will always love you as long as I live.” In a tribute to his mother, he posted a picture of her with the caption, “I miss you mom. I love you so much. You will be always in my heart.” When speaking about the other victims, Ryan wrote, “You all will be truly be missed. God Bless.” When someone posted on Ryan’s wall calling Adam the scum of the earth, Ryan fired back saying he’s tired of taking the blame for something his brother did and he’s tired of people calling his brother names, saying he should be able to rest in peace. Ryan also joined groups such as “Support Ryan Lanza” and “Clear Ryan Lanza’s Name.”