Its takes a lot more to be a professional prostitute than I thought. I know these “working girls” are a lot different from the ones you find walking the streets, but I really didn’t think this serious of of a contract is involved. Moonlite Bunny Ranch is probably the most known brothel in Nevada and is currently suing one of their girls for her breach of contract. “Jimi Lynn” is being sued by the company for $300,000 after she failed to report them. Her contract with the whore house was brought it as evidence and it’s pretty interesting. Find out more details of the contract below.

Julie A.

All working girls are required to give the ranch 50% of everything they make every day, including any gifts given to them by clients. They can rent a room at the ranch for $25 per day and that includes two meals. The girls are allowed to make their own schedule and there is no required amount of clients. The working girls have the right to refuse to work with a client as well as denying training. The working girls are also given free Wifi. The girls must also provide their own sex toys, clothing/shoes, an unlimited supply of condoms and lube, and weekly medical exams.

The 12 page contract can be read here.