The Los Angeles Lakers have finally made their way back to the .500 mark with a 15-15 record.  They’ve won 6 of their last 7 games including a five game winning streak.  They’ve done all this with Antawn Jamison on the sideline and he’s not happy about it.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

via Mark Medina via Twitter

Antawn Jamison to me about 5 DNP’s: “It doesn’t make sense at all. They’re pretty much telling me my services are no longer needed.”

Despite his slow start Jamison had proven to be useful when Gasol was going through quite a slump and he and D’Antoni were on the outs.   Jamison had 33 points against Denver on Nov. 30 and then averaged 12.3 over the next four games.  Now that Steve Nash has returned to the lineup and the Lakers are clicking, it appears that Jamison has been tossed to the side, literally.

Earlier in the day, D’Antoni said Jamison would “probably” get back into the rotation.

“Everybody gets another chance and stuff,” he said. “We’re playing nine guys and I’m really liking Metta [World Peace]. We don’t want to lose Antawn because he does what he does. We’ll see. Antawn’s ready to roll if we need him.”

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