A report came out that Rex Ryan wanted out of the circus that is the New York Jets, the circus he helped create by the way.  In the report is was said that Ryan wanted some serious changes in personnel including the firing of offensive coordinator Tony Sparano. Ryan however has come out and denied the allegations.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

The feisty New York Jets coach opened his news conference Friday by denouncing a report by the New York Daily News that said he would welcome being fired if owner Woody Johnson doesn’t make significant personnel and coaching changes to the offense.

“There was a report that was untrue,” Ryan said. “The fact is, and it’s simple: This is the only team that I want to coach. Period. This is my team. These are my players. I don’t want to coach somebody else’s players. This is the team I want to coach.”

The paper, which quoted unidentified sources, said it stood by the report. The back page carried a picture of Ryan and a headline that said: “Rex Wants Out … Unless Woody spends on Jets’ woeful offense.”

Not sure who to believe on this one but it’s some messy stuff.  What a way to end an already tumultuous season.

LA Times