Sheena Monnin first got into the hot seat when she made statements about the Miss USA pageant, calling it trashy and saying it was rigged but if you know Donald Trump, the owner of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants then you know he wasn’t going to let it end like that. Trump goes after anybody he thinks he can beat up on, especially if they take shots at him or his, and miss Monnin is no different. A judge ruled in favor of the Miss USA Pageant forcing Monnin to pay up to the tune of $5 Million dollars, but Monnin says she will continue to fight it. Hit the jump for more.

A clause in the Miss USA/ Miss Universe contestant contract says that the Officials can handpick the top 5, Sheena Monnin the former miss Pennsylvania cited this clause in her court case against the pageant. The Miss USA pageant took Monnin to court saying they lost $5 million dollars worth of sponsorship funding due to her defamatory comments. Officials at the Miss USA pageant maintain that they have never overruled the judges and handpicked the final contestants in the contest, but do you think that gives miss Monnin the right to say what she said? $5 million dollars is a bit much for me, I think they were going for the jugular and it’s even more ugly considering the fact that Monnin didn’t even place in the top 15 in the contest. Yikes, I wonder how she’s gonna be able to pay that off.

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