Hyundai is in the works with Broadcom to bring technology to vehicles that has yet been seen. Others have tried to mimic similar features, but Hyundai has worked out the kinks and fully mastered the popular and most important features to work seamlessly inside the vehicles. We’re not just talking lock and unlock, these new vehicles Hyundai is putting into production will have features fully integrated with their 7-inch display unit. Jump for full details and specs…

Tat Wza

Hyundai’s new software development is referred to as Connectivity Concept. Once inside, the vehicle is able to tell who you are, as well as your Music, Contacts, Radio Stations and individual profile settings all from your wirelessly connected smartphone. One of the most impressive parts of the Connectivity Concept is MirrorLink. This gives you access and control of personal content through the touchscreen including navigation, web-based applications and multimedia. Sync with apps like Pandora, for streaming music or Gmail, with full access to your email on the go!