So it is a wrap ladies & gentleman. The 2012 NFL regular season is officially over. Dam that went fast. If you are like me, you are depressed today knowing your team is sitting home and will be watching the playoffs on TV right with me ( Dam NY Giants!! ). But if your one of the few lucky ones who’s team made the playoffs well congratulations and whoopty-dam-doo! LOL, sorry had my moment of hating right there. I am actually very excited for the playoffs. From everything to see if Peyton Manning can come all the way back and win the super bowl after a year off. To Adrian Peterson literally carrying the Vikings to the playoffs. To the excitement of 3 rookie quarterbacks leading their teams to the playoffs. As a football fan I can’t wait to see what happens. With that said read after the jump for the full playoff schedule.

Saturday Jan 5th – Bengals @ Texans, 4pm
Vikings @ Packers, 8pm
Sunday Jan 6th – Colts @ Ravens, 1pm
Seahawks @ Redskins, 4pm

The Broncos, Patriots will be waiting on the 2 winners of the AFC playoff games, while the Falcons and 49ers await the winners of the 2 NFC games.