Oh say it ain’t so!!!  I love these two together!!!  I’ve seen various reports for the past couple days saying that Carmelo Anthony & La La Vasquez have split, but thought it was just senseless gossip.  But now more details are emerging  and after the altercation with Kevin Garnett maybe there’s some truth to it?!
Check out what’s being reported from various sources & let us know what you think….


According to AND  at NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:

Melo is having marital problems, a source told the Daily News.  Anthony and his wife have been living apart for at least two months, and La La rang in the New Year without him in Miami’s South Beach, the source said.

On her Twitter account, the Brooklyn-raised La La, 33, was asked about Garnett’s trash talk by fans, but she refused to take the bait.

“Living life. Counting blessings, not burdens,” said La La, star of the VH1 reality show “La La’s Full Court Life.”

La La attended Monday night’s game, her first after a noticeable absence from the Garden. Last season, La La attended nearly every home game and even traveled on the road to watch the team play.

She’s also curbed her tweets about Melo this season after tweeting about him regularly last year.


According to   at HelloBeautiful:

The reality star (La La) hosted a party in Miami and Melo was nowhere to be found and neither was her wedding ring.

Take a look at the evidence in the pic  *Above in gallery*

Rumor has it the couple have been separated since last year.


According to SandraRose:

Insiders say La La and Melo are still courteous to each other, for the sake of their son. And they still go out in public together to keep up appearances. But La La has reportedly moved on — with Melo’s blessing!