Free Public Wi-Fi

When the U.S. Government made a decent amount of unlicensed airwaves available in 1985, there was an unexpected spike in innovation following. Car remotes, baby monitors, garage door openers just to name a few. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has developed a plan that would provide large public Wi-Fi networks in almost all metropolitan areas and even many rural areas.

Public Wi-Fi

The return on this technology is priceless; Not only will there be an explosion of development of technology that coincides but the plan will also provide jobs that will come from managing the mega-networks. Many of us have home networks with a ton of devices connected, some even linked to your home security system. These networks are much larger, with a much stronger signal able to penetrate thick concrete walls and travel over hills, around trees. Public Wi-Fi could allow consumers to make free calls from their mobile phones, cutting off expensive bills. If approved, the free networks would still take some time to set up but they are already seeing a ton of support. Google is currently providing Free public Wi-Fi to the public in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Cities also support the idea because the networks would lower costs for schools, businesses and those that can not afford an expensive cell phone or internet bill. This will also be a major help for vacationers trying to find tourist spots.

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