FCC Pushing For Free Large Public Wi-Fi Networks

When the U.S. Government made a decent amount of unlicensed airwaves available in 1985, there was an unexpected spike in innovation following. Car remotes, baby monitors, garage door openers just to name a few. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has developed a plan that would provide large public Wi-Fi networks in almost all metropolitan areas and even many rural areas.

Tech Talk News: NYC Subway Cell Phone Service

Getting sick and tired of your cell service cutting out on the Subway? Say no more. Transit Wireless is the company responsible for getting you signal way down underground. After Hurricane Sandy, the importance of communication in a crisis is crucial. At&t & T-Mobile have already announced they’re on board. Tat Wza

The Met – Not Your Traditional Museum Robbery

The Met museum is being sued for fraud, apparently they have been suggesting prices for people to get in for a some years now where entry is supposed to be free. Two members of the Metropolitan Museum of Art are suing citing that the Met is robbing the public. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

3,000 Rioters Arrested in London!!

Riots continue in London. While U.K. media tries to ignore the story, it is not for lack of interesting facts. 3,000 people were arrested! Find out why after the jump. Emma RABID

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