So Barns & Noble has stayed afloat longer than most people would have thought but they are about to have a shake within the company. Barns & Noble founder Leonard Riggio is looking to buy the retail sector of the company and leave behind the Nook division. The Nook has’nt faired well since Apple released it iPad a few years ago. Riggio wants to to buy both the Barnes & Noble Booksellers brick-and-mortar business and Barnes And Noble.com, this all according to an SEC filing. If Riggio can make this happen he would abandon the e-book, e-reader, and tablet division of Nook Media. Riggio is desperate to drop the this sector because the original idea for the Nook was to compete with Amazon’s Kindle but they could’nt conquer the ereader crowd then ereaders got over ran by tablets which the Nook didnt stand a chance against. If a deal is approved Roggio would take B&N to a private firm to do business if the board approves of it. RIP to the Nook.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA