This story is crazy to me, but hey, maybe I’m wrong. Everything just seems suspect, but here it is. A woman named Pamela Smith is now suing MJ, claiming he is the father of her 16 year old son Taj. She claims her and Jordan had sex in 1995, and she gave birth to her son in June 1996. Why did it take 16 years for her to suddenly bring this up? It is also interesting because at that time Jordan would of been married to his wife Juanita during that time frame. The woman Pamela wants a court to force a paternity test. She also wants full custody and child support, of course she does. The boy has been with her 16 years, so why would she request full custody, she already has it. But the strangest thing is, she wants the judge to make “Jordan” the new legal last name of her son. It sounds more and more like she is just looking for attention. Why would you want your son to have the last name of a man who wasn’t around while you raised him, unless you just want attention. SMH, we will see how this plays out. Watch the video of 16 year old Taj after the jump. Even the way he talks of MJ being his dad seems sketchy.