Justin Bieber

Yesterday was Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday and instead of getting turnt up for his birthday in the UK, where he is legal to drink. Poor Justin tweeted that he had the “worst birthday” last night and although he didn’t offer any explanation, we can kind of figure out what happened. The singer was in London for his birthday with his rumored girl, Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, and his best friend, Jaden Smith, and the group got into an altercation with the security at the club. Also, Lil Twist was spotted getting pulled over by the police in LA while driving Biebz car. When is he going to learn not to let anyone drive his $100,000 car?! Find out what happened to Beiber last night below.

Julie A.

It seems that beginning of Justin’s bad birthday was an argument with security at the club he was at due to the fact that Jaden Smith is not old enough to drink in London since he’s only 14. People in and outside the club say that Justin and co. arrived at the location and left within 5 minutes. I’m not really sure why Justin was being such a cry baby about things talking about “worst birthday.”

Spotted at GG