IFWT_SharpMTV’s Sway was gifted a 90 inch LED TV after Kanye had some words for him after the top 10 hottet MC’s list came out with Yeezy falling all the way to #7 even after launching some of the dopest projects in the past decade. Of course we weren’t expecting Kanye to say something nice about the list, he’s number 7 on, clearly he believes he should be higher but his comments had less to do with his position and more to do with Sway remembering how Kanye’s career affected his own. Mr. West said to DJ Enuff after calling in to Hot 97, “I didn’t want to even call to talk about this #7 list, I just wanted to tell everybody I gave Sway his first TV and he need to remember that.” Well Kanye, this is tough news but, unfortunately somebody got Sway a bigger, better, TV. What do you have to say now?