Katy Perry

THIS is that ish I don’t like. Here’s the deal. Earlier this week, Katy Perry was in the car and heard Chief Keef’s song, “Hate Being Sober.” She had no idea who the artist was, but took to Twitter just to say the content of the song disappointed her. (And rightfully so…) The next day, Keef caught wind of the “diss,” and true to his usual form, went off. He mentioned that he’d “slap the sh*t out her,” amongst other things, and also promised to soon drop what’s likely to be a diss track, appropriately titled “Katy Perry.” Just a little while ago, Katy must have either checked her mentions or got word from someone more in-the-know on her team, and took to her account to both issue an apology and give the Chicago rapper props. Ugh! He doesn’t deserve any of that! Check out what she said in the gallery. Let’s see if he replies this time!

Marisa Mendez