She pretty much said, you don’t want to follow the law and stop for people, Iight, I got you! Hit the jump for the full story!

Natasha Myers keyed a mans car drawing a penis that took up the whole hood on his car because he refused to stop? It all went down like this, Myers and the driver were in a grocery store parking lot vicinity and from the looks of things the driver wasn’t stopping for pedestrians as it is a federal law. So since their weren’t any cops around, she decided to take matters in her own hands. After she keyed the car she left this note, “Hey I keyed your car. You didn’t stop for pedestrians as is law. Since no cop to enforce a ticket, this should cover the cost of your fine. Have a good day. P.S. Don’t be a dick.” Myers was arrested this week thanks to surveillance footage and admitted to leaving the note, she was charged with criminal mischief and taken to Pasco County Jail, where she was later released on $5,000 bond.