Nicki Minaj x Peter Rosenberg

It was the beef heard ’round the world last June, when Nicki Minaj’s appearance at Summer Jam 2012 was over before it even started, after she took offense to a comment about her single “Starships” made by morning show host, Peter Rosenberg. Nicki hasn’t been on good terms since with Hot 97…the station that she grew up listening to…but today, they finally put the water under the bridge. After Hot 97 PD/morning show co-host Ebro got word that Nicki was in town, he sent out the bat signal (aka, tweeted her) and told her to come through the show. Nick decided to take him up on his offer, and this morning, came face-to-face with Rosenberg for the first time since the beef started. Watch below as the pair make amends, Nicki explains why she was so bothered, talks her new movie role, her upcoming album (which she says will be all rap like her mixtape days…the Barb in me is jumping for joy!) and more.

Marisa Mendez

Source: HOT 97