Basketball Wives star and Twitter/Instagram socialite Draya has been getting a lot of buzz via the internet recently. After BET’s #AskDraya hashtag became a trending topic on Twitter, the bashing of the model just would NOT end. Everyone was going IN on the “Fine Ass Girls” founder, saying that she’s a “dead beat mom,” amongst many other mean things. Basically, they ripped her life to shreds. Draya came on BET‘s 106 & Park to finally confront all the yip-yap about her role as a mother. Check it out after the jump!


In 2001, the reality TV star was found guilty of Child Endangerment after leaving her son in Wyomissing,Pennsylvania while she was out in the strip club gettin’ it poppin’. After Draya was exposed, word of her being a bad mom has not stopped.

During an interview with host Bow Wow on 106 & Park, this is what Draya had to say in regards to her haters & the bad parenting talk:

“Well, the first thing is, I don’t expect people to understand my life. Because it’s my life. I’m not a bad parent in any way. I’m lucky enough to have fans that have followed me from BBWLA and know that I’m trying to help my family and the set path I’m trying to go with them. Mind ya business!”

“I got so many haters. I think they’re just confused admirers. Haters are just confused admirers. They just love me. If you’re thinking about me, negative or positive, I’m still on your mind. I stay on your mind!”

Draya– leave the clubs alone and go hang out with your son! Maybe if you post less pictures of you “turning up” and more flix with your kid, you would have a believable story. Until then, #WeDontBelieveYou #YouNeedMorePeople.

And if you need a good laugh, go on Twitter and search the #AskDraya hashtag. It’s brutal.