I can understand why Patrick Ewing’s son isn’t happy about Jason Kidd getting the Nets head coaching job, he’s right…but that’s life.  I’d love to see Ewing as a head coach too – maybe something will happen with his new postition with the Bobcats???
Patrick Ewing Jr. took to Twitter after the news broke about Jason Kidd.  Check out what he had to say & weigh in – Does he have a point?!…




The Nets job came and went and former Knicks great Patrick Ewing is still not a head coach in the NBA.

And that didn’t set too well with his son, Patrick, Jr., who took to Twitter tovoice his displeasure.


The elder Ewing, 50 — who didn’t coach last year — started as an assistant in 2003 and has nine years of experience working with the Rockets, Wizards and Magic. Ewing was named associate head coach of the Bobcats on June 12.

Jason Kidd, who will now lead the Brooklyn Nets, has never been a coach at any level in the NBA.