New amphibious off-road car with the model of a Jeep.
This thing is a beast! With the model base of a Jeep, this amphibious vehicle can transform into a boat in less than 15 seconds. Check out some highlights to see what this thing can do after the jump!


WaterCar redefines the amphibious vehicle with the Panther. The original idea of an amphibious vehicle goes back to 1961, but the Panther takes it to another level. The design of this vehicle is based on a Jeep, but it actually has a 3.7-liter V-6 motor from the Acura MDX. It can reach speeds of 80 mph on streets, and it go up to 38 knots (44 mph) on water!

Currently, you have to buy parts like the engine separately, so the WaterCar company can avoid government regulations. However, they are arranging a full vehicle to be purchased for about $135,000.


Check out the video below to see the Panther in action!