Get a good look at the picture to this story. It may be one of the last times you see Dwight Howard wearing a Lakers jersey. It was reported yesterday by Chris Broussard of ESPN, that Howard is very unlikely to resign with the Lakers and will wind up playing elsewhere. Now Broussard at times tends to be full of sh*t with his supposed “sources”, so we can’t take his word for it fully, but most NBA fans had a feeling Howard would explore free agency. Now he has set a date. Read more after the jump.


It seems at the moment, Houston and Dallas are at the top of Howard’s list. Dirk Nowitzki already told reporters him and Dwight have talked a few times, as well as James Harden of the Rockets. According to reports, Dwight has said July 10th will be the day he makes his final decision as to where he will play next year. It seems awfully close between Dallas & Houston as the moment. The Lakers experiment was doomed from the start and ended in a 1st round playoff exit, which was something people in L.A. never thought would happen. Lets see if he sticks to his word of July 10th.