‘Molly All in Her champagne’ Now She Knows it! A 36-year-old mother of two was recently enjoying drinks at a bar in Chelsea when she had the misfortune of being slipped a drug in her drink that apparently blacked her out. After telling a “Creep” in his thirties that she wasn’t interested, he slipped something in her drink and took her to her room and –well, need I say more? Hit the jump to see how it all happened.

The woman recently told, the New York Post:
“I had plugged my phone in across the room. So I kept walking back and forth to it. He never bought me a drink, but he had to have put something in my drink at that time. … It wasn’t like being drunk. I don’t have blurred memory. I blacked out.”

NY Post Reporters stated, “The last thing she remembered before blacking out was walking to the elevator bank on her way to the rooftop lounge.[Then] the next thing she knew, she woke up in her room with the top of her dress pulled down, she said.”

According to reports, the woman would just like for authorities to capture him because “he knew what he was doing.”

Jamaal Fisher