Oh no. These two on-again/off-again love birds just can’t leave each other alone…. ESPECIALLY on social networks. Tahiry Jose of LHHNY and rapper Joe Budden we’re exchanging blows on Instagram by posting flicks up with their old flings. Joey started by uploading an old photo at Greenhouse with ex beau-thang Yaris Sanchez, and Tahiry fired back by throwing up a pic with NY Knicks player JR Smith (who J. Budden made reference to in “Want You Back.”) Check out the gallery to see Joey and Tahiry going shot for shot on Instagram! (You know the Twitter battle is coming soon… stay tuned.)

JR Smith put Tahiry on blast last year by posting a picture on Twitter of Tahiry naked in his hotel room, which he ended up getting fined for.

If you haven’t heard Joe Budden & Fab’s “Want You Back” ft. Teyana Taylor where Joey touches on Tahiry’s relations with JR Smith, check it out below.

“Told you you’re gonna fu*k around and end up sick, You chose d*ck from this n*gga off the New York Knicks”


These two need to stop frontin’, cut the games, and just get married already.