JR Smith caused quite an uproar late last week and early this week when he changed his hair color to blonde. Some people were wondering why did he do that. Coach Mike Woodson apparently was not amused and actually told him to get rid of it. But yesterday JR explained what made him do it, and it is pretty funny. Hit the jump.


JR Told MSG.com:

“I was watching the movie “Meteor Man” and there was a group of guys called ‘The Golden Lords.’ I was like ‘Man, I’m going to dye my hair blonde.’ I think it was either [Iman Shumpert] or my brother said ‘You’re not going to do it.’ Shump was like ‘If you do it, I’ll dye my flat top grey.’ So I was like, ‘Alright,’ and I came in the next day with it blonde. And [Shumpert] dyed his flat top grey. “

Meanwhile, as far as I know, Shump is still sporting the grey on his flat top. I guess grey hair does not bother coach Woodson.