IFWT_Kanye West

Kanye West is already planning his next fashion project after the success of Kanye West x A.P.C. His next project sounds interesting, since he’s choosing to help these two ladies. Who’s lucky enough to get a piece of Kanye?! Find out who it is after the jump.

Sarah Nafissa

Kanye West is helping Kendall and Kylie Jenner with their line for PacSun, and he has offered to design pieces for the line. But don’t get it twisted; they don’t want the other Kardashian sisters to get involved as they said:

“[We haven’t learned] much [from them]. I mean with our clothing line and our jewelry line, we didn’t want much input from them, just because we wanted this to be all us. We’re trying to not be so involved. This isn’t their clothing line. This isn’t their jewelry line. It’s ours. We don’t want their input on it. We didn’t need it we know what we’re talking about for the most part,” Kendall said.

These girls need to pay some respect to their sisters! To say they learned nothing is a joke.

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