Chris Chris Chris…he just can’t stay away from beef/drama related topics. Back in May, Chris Brown was involved in a very minor car accident. So minor that the victim, Olga Gure-Kovalenko no longer wants to go forward with the charges. Olga is pretty much done with the situation seeing as she doesn’t even want the money any more, however…The prosecution is thinking otherwise. Hit the jump for the details.

JaaiR (JR)

Don’t forget to check out the gallery! I think he’ll get off scot-free as always!

2:19pm 8/15/2013
The case has been dismissed! A “civil compromise” between Chris and the victim has been put in place. The woman dropped the charges, but of course, the city’s attorney objected. Arguing that Chris called the woman a b-word and he left the scene without providing proper identification. The judge threw it out! Minor!
Mark Geragos, Chris lawyers says, “The case never should have been filed in the first place. It’s unfortunate he was being prosecuted for who he is rather than what he’s done.” …which is?

1:52pm 8/15/2013
Prosecutor’s still want to go through with the hit-n-run charges against CB. If L.A. goes through with it, the judge has the right to dismiss, but will he – we don’t know. If prosecuted, Brown can be facing probation violation in thee Rihanna incident. Yea, I think you need to quit before things get worse!