NJ woman faked cancer.
How desperate can a person be to fake cancer to her close family, friends, and her community?? Obviously, this woman was extremely desperate because she did exactly that. Hit the jump for more details.

Brandon F

In 2011, Lori Stilley posted on Facebook that she had stage 3 bladder cancer. The Delran, New Jersey resident deceived her closest relatives and the community around her by telling them she was dying. Along with donations from people in 20 different states for “treatments,” Stilley even got her sister to set up a wedding for her as her “dying” wish.

Stilley pleaded guilty to charges on theft by deception for receiving over $12,000 in donations. Over 300 people helped pay for her “treatments” and her sister put together fundraisers; including raffles and T-shirt sales. Her scam was working until her family became suspicious when all of sudden she was feeling “better” and canceled all the care.

The judge sentenced Lori Stilley to complete 500 hours of community service. That’s it??? Her sentence seems way to light for tricking over 300 people that she was dying! Smh Hopefully karma will come around.